Screen Unlock

Simple and efficient solutions to remove Android screen lock without password.

[2020 Solved] How to Hard Reset Android Phone without Password

This guide lists several ways to hard reset Android devices, including a method to reset without providing any password.

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[2020] How to Reset Pattern Lock on Android Devices – Solve It Now

Forgotten the pattern lock of your Android phone? This article introduces tested and approved methods to reset pattern lock for almost all Android devices.

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[2020 Full Guide] How to Factory Reset a Samsung J3 Emerge

Want to know how to reset a Samsung j3 Emerge before selling it out? Read throughout the post and you'll find the best solution.

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[2020] How to Factory Reset Galaxy S7 without Google Account

Would you like to know the easiest ways to factory reset Galaxy S7 without Google account? This blog would discuss the effective ways to achieve this goal.

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[2020 Update] How to Factory Reset Locked Galaxy S6

Is your Samsung Galaxy S6 locked and want to factory reset it? No need to worry! Read this complete process to factory reset locked Galaxy S6.

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[2020 New Way] How to Reset LG Phone Lock Code

Knowing the factory reset technique to use in removing the lock poses a challenge. This article would introduce us to the best solution to reset an LG phone with or without a password.

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[2020] How to Reset Samung Galaxy S3 without Losing Data

I have forgotten my passcode of my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I can’t use it now. Is there a way I can reset my Samsung Galaxy S3 without losing data? Yes. You can get it solved here.

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How to Remove Pattern Lock without Losing Data - 2020 New

Locked out of your Android phone by the pattern lock? Here’s the full guide on how to remove pattern lock without losing data for you.

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One-Stop Phone Unlocking Service for Android Users [2020]

Forgot your Android phone password? Want to travel abroad but worry about overcharging due to roaming rates? Get your one-stop phone unlocking service here.

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The Best Samsung Device Unlock Apps You Must Try in 2020

Take a look at the best unlock Apps for Samsung device and have a try at one or another, you'll find unlocking your phone network carrier as easy as a breeze.

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